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Your Portrait Session



Children’s Portrait Photography

My style of photography is natural, relaxed and fun, with the sole focus on capturing the true spirit of your children. Cheesy smiles and forced poses are not something you’ll find in my work – instead, I create beautifully natural portraits that portray real personalities and emotions, capturing them in a moment of time to be treasured forever.

I use natural light and shoot on location in and around the Midlands and Cotswolds, although I will also travel further afield by arrangement. Simply choose a place where you and your children are most likely to feel relaxed – your own home, a local park or perhaps the grounds of a stunning stately home – then just have fun!

There are no strict time constraints for your portrait shoot, but typically a session will last around two hours. From tree climbing and cookie baking, to tickling sessions and teddy cuddles, a family portrait shoot can consist of as many or as few activities as your children want – they are the directors of the day!

Newborn & Baby Portrait Photography

Most parents opt to have their newborn portrait session at home so that feeds, nappies and all home comforts are close to hand. My newborn portrait sessions are very relaxed and the needs of your baby will always be put first. With no strict time constraints to work within we can take breaks for feeds, naps and nappy changes to ensure that both your baby and you are calm and comfortable. Photographs can be taken when your baby is sound asleep and awake, and we can use as many settings in your home as you like to give variety to your shots.

I recommend that a newborn portrait session is booked to take place during your baby’s first couple of weeks. A provisional booking can be made in advance to tie in with your due date and this can then always be rescheduled once your baby has arrived.

For older babies it is best to wait until your little one is able to lie on his or her tummy and support their neck (around ten weeks old) as this is the time when personalities start to shine through and the fun of interaction really begins! Once your baby is able to sit up, crawl and even walk, the possibilities for beautiful, fun photographs are endless. As with newborn babies, I will work around your child’s routine and their needs to ensure that they are happy and content.

Maternity Photography

A maternity portrait session is a wonderful way to capture an incredible time in your life and, of course, your baby’s. It is best to schedule your shoot to take place after your 20 week scan and before the final month of your pregnancy. The shoot can take place in your own home or at a favourite location and could include a partner and/or any other children you might have. You might want to consider booking a newborn portrait session too as this is a natural follow-on and both sets of shots can work beautifully together in albums or multi aperture frames.

Prints & Presentation

I will contact you around a fortnight after your shoot to arrange a viewing session at your home or inform you that your private online gallery is ready for viewing. I will present the carefully edited images from your portrait session and guide you through a range of different display options. 

I offer a wide range of framing and mounting options to suit most budgets, or you can simply purchase prints to frame yourself. I use professional printers and framing partners who use archive quality papers and high quality materials to ensure your images stay looking great. All prints and presentation products are charged in addition to the portrait session fee - please see the 'Prices' section of the website for a guide to costs.

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